Kirstin May Anderson, RMT

Hours M/W/F 2-8

Kirstin has been practicing as a Registered Massage Therapist since graduating from Sutherland-Chan in 2008.  She is open to new ideas and challenges and constantly researches new and innovative ways to heal the body.

After completing a Pilates course designed specifically for Massage Therapists, Kirstin has been able to understand and share with clients the importance of posture, balance and core strength for improving muscle and body function.

Kirstin has participated in a Soft Tissue Release workshop, which is Active Release Therapy. She utilizes sports massage techniques to alleviate sports and other related and repetitive stress injuries and discomforts. Kirstin’s ability to use myofascial techniques provides her with the skills to manipulate the connective tissue and relieve stress in the body. She has also been trained in Chronic Pelvic Pain and worked specifically with women with endometriosis or interstitial cystitis alleviating pain and discomfort.

Kirstin has worked with a variety of clients, as part of her training at Sutherland-Chan. She has worked with clients with Multiple Sclerosis and treated clients in Palliative Care at Princess Margaret Hospital.

Kirstin prides herself on educating her clients about her findings throughout their treatments and providing self-care to gain the most benefit in maintaining the health and wellness of the body.

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