Post Natal Package

Your new baby has arrived, and, as it should be, is the centre of attention! But sometimes, mom gets lost in the chaos. This is also a time when mothers need to be supported, cared for, and helped in their healing process.

One of our specialties at Pura Vida Family Health Centre is post natal care. Along with all of their years of experience, our therapist have also been trained by Bellies Inc © and many of the top osteopaths in the world to become experts in proper post natal care. We work every day with new moms, helping them get back to feeling their best. To help with this process, we’ve created a package specially designed for the new mom (and the great news is that your extended health care provider most likely covers the cost!).

Your post natal package includes:

Babies are welcome to attend appointments and supervised care will be on site at specific times of the day.

Post Natal Package

  • 2 Massages: rejuvenating massages including focus on the low back and neck and shoulders as holding baby and feeding baby can create new upper body tensions
  • 2 Osteopathy sessions: manual osteopathy sessions that realign the pelvic bones, spine, diaphragm and rebalance the abdominal tissues after pregnancy and  
  • 1 Physiotherapy assessment: a skilled physiotherapy assessment focusing on the core and low back, which will help identify any specific needs for physiotherapy
  • 10 Physiotherapy active rehab core and pelvic floor focused sessions: active rehab sessions that can start as early as week one after baby’s arrival or anytime mom is ready to begin
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