Physical Literacy Classes

Physical Literacy is one of the biggest movements in the area of child development, and Pura Vida Family Health Centre is thrilled to be part of this exciting new focus!

What exactly is physical literacy?

Well, in a nutshell, physical literacy is all about giving children a solid foundation in the movement skills they will need to develop as they grow in order to better participate in all of the physical activities that will become part of their lives. Basic skills such as running, hopping, climbing, crawling, catching, throwing, and kicking (balls, not each other!) are all emphasized. Each class also includes a segment of yoga and breathing, teaching children to focus on their own health and well being, and reinforcing the benefits of the movements they are learning.
Each age group will work to achieve skills identified by the community, and we will issue a friendly report card to you so that you can see how your child is building skills.

Want to know more?
Here’s a primer on Physical Literacy:

Active for life. Physical Literacy


Every child needs physical literacy.


The ABC’s of Physical Literacy

So, what does this mean? It means that Pura Vida Family Health Centre is very happy to be offering NEURO-GYM classes in our new studio!
Exercise for the brain. Exercise for mental well being. Exercise for emotional well-being. Come in and allow your child to build a foundation of physical skills to use moving forward in sport and healthy activity in their life. These classes will be offered in small groups specifically designed for each age level.



Class 1

2-3/yr olds
  • Classes Thursday mornings or Saturdays
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Class 2

4-5/yr olds
  • Classes Tuesday nights or Saturdays
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