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The Pura Vida Team

Robyn Tessaro

(formerly Brandt) B.Sc.(Hons) Osteopathy, D.O.M.P., RMT

Monday-Friday and 1 Saturday per month

Robyn Tessaro is the dedicated owner and inspiration behind Pura Vida Health Centre. In 2008, her ambition to help others led her to open Pura Vida Family Health Centre. Robyn relies primarily on word of mouth referrals for 90% of her clientele growth; however, she believes strongly in working with a great team of therapists who can combine their skills and hone in on achieving results for each client’s specific needs. Robyn has been treating fussy infants since 2006 and has taken multiple post graduate courses on treating infants and children, studying with some of the best pediatric osteopaths in the world.  Robyn completed a pilot study in which she had statistically significant results treating infants with colic. Robyn is a level 2 Hypopressive (c) exercise trainer and teaches a class on Fridays at 11:30am.

Simone Valere

Osteopathic Manual Practitioner, Registered Massage Therapist

Monday - Friday

Simone has been a registered massage therapist since 1997. Shortly after becoming an RMT she took many courses in manual therapy and eventually decided to formalize her practice of manual therapy by completing the Osteopathic program at the Canadian College of Osteopathy in Toronto.  Simone also teaches Somatic exercise and ELDOA.  

Simone is available for online booking. 

Kimberly Borges

Registered Massage Therapist, Athletic Therapy, Contemporary Medical Acupuncture, Osteopathy (Current Study)

Wednesday evening & Thursday

Kimberly graduated from York University with a Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Kinesiology and also completed the Athletic Therapy Certificate Program.  Kimberly became a Certified Athletic Therapist in June 2008.Kimberly is currently enrolled in the Canadian College of Osteopathy in her final year of course work.

Dr. Michelle Peters, ND

Naturopathic Doctor

By appointment only

Dr. Peters maintains a naturopathic family health practice providing patients, who have a wide-range of health concerns, with integrative or alternative healthcare. Dr. Peters focuses on individualized holistic treatments to help restore and maintain optimal health and wellness by utilizing the following natural modalities: Acupuncture, Clinical Nutrition, Botanical Medicine, Homeopathy, Hydrotherapy, and Nutraceuticals. Dr. Peters is a graduate from the University of Western Ontario where she earned an Honors Bachelor of Health Sciences degree. Following this, she completed the four-year program at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. Dr. Peters has been a registered Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine since 2006. She is a professional member in good standing with the College of Naturopaths of Ontario (CONO).


Nancy Fallico is a practised Physiotherapist who feels deeply rewarded when guiding a patient's recovery and journey to healthy active living.  

Nancy's education includes a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Therapy from the University of Western Ontario. 
She has been in practice for over 20 years, completing many courses focused on pelvic health, rehabilitation pilates, cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) and Women's Health Coach certification.  Nancy is currently working towards completing her Diploma of Osteopathy Manual Practitioner (DOMP) at the Canadian College of Osteopathy (CCO). Together with her patients, she creates a whole-body plan to address a patient's immediate health needs, while also empowering patients to achieve an overall greater physical well-being.

Kirstin May Anderson

Registered Massage Therapist

Monday and Friday

Kirstin has been practicing as a Registered Massage Therapist since graduating from Sutherland-Chan in 2008.  She is open to new ideas and challenges and constantly researches new and innovative ways to heal the body.

Jessica Soulliere, D.Sc.O

Osteopathic Manual Practitioner, Registered Massage Therapist


Through life experiences, Jessica has taken a keen interest in fertility, pelvic health, prenatal and postnatal and all things babies! She has taken additional training in pediatric osteopathic practice, tongue ties, the vagus nerve, cesarean birth (preparation and recovery), and multiple courses on the pelvic girdle (pain and the pelvic floor). Jessica is experienced in treating infants and children of all ages.


Jessica is currently a member of The College of Massage Therapists of Ontario (CMTO), the Ontario Association of Osteopathic Manual Practitioners (OAO - student), and the American Academy of Pediatric Osteopathy (AAPO - student).

Additional courses → Lower Extremity Physiological Bony Development and its Clinical Ramification in the Pediatric and Adult Patient (2023) → What About Tongue Ties? (2022) - Osteopathy’s Promise to Children → Vagus Nerve- Philippe Druelle, D.O. Canadian College of Osteopathy (2022) → Stillness- Philippe Druelle, D.O. Canadian College of Osteopathy (2021) → Sutherland‘s Early Approach: Before the PRM (2021) (Osteopathy) → Cesarean Birth: The Role of Physiotherapy in Preparation & Recovery (2020) → trimesters Massage Therapy for Pregnancy (2017) → Non-Internal Introductory Pelvic Health (2017) → Pelvic Girdle Pain and the Pelvic Floor (2017) → Axial Joint Mobilizations (2021) → Prepare for Birth the Pelvic Floor and More (2017)

Lori-Anne Viloria 

Registered Massage Therapist
Wednesday 9am - 4pm


Lori-Anne Viloria RMT, BA has been in the industry for 27 years. As a registered massage therapist since 1997, she is an expert in classical Swedish massage techniques. Her style uses a range of moderate to deep tissue massage techniques to challenge the muscles without pain. Other specialty training includes pre/post natal massage, sports injuries, IMT (Integrated Manual Technique) and Scar Tissue Therapy using the Dolphin Stim Microcurrent. Her practice includes clients who are fitness enthusiasts, elite athletes (from kids to adults) and chronic pain sufferers. 


Lori-Anne specializes in unique massage treatments such as a full-body, side-lying massage for those who do not like to lie in the face-cradle or are uncomfortable in a face-down position. Her Scar Tissue therapies focus on scars left from procedures such as c-sections, mastectomies, hysterectomies and breast augmentation to name a few. 


Her approach to treatment leans heavily on her skills as an intuitive therapist; she lets her hands guide the treatment. Pre-treatment client chats about their pain, discomfort and overall goals are factors she uses to figure out how to approach each massage. Each treatment is tailored to her clients’ current needs to achieve effective results. Lori-Anne is available for online booking.  

Lor Headshot.jpg

Monica Bhardwaj CPA, CA, certified life coach.

After over 20 years of working in the corporate world, she started to feel the physical and mental effects of stress and imbalance, including chronic pain, which led her to life coaching.


Research shows that our thoughts and unprocessed emotions like stress, overwhelm and anxiety can affect our physiology and cause us to feel pain and discomfort. That’s the part that Monica can help you with. She uses evidence-based techniques that are rooted in cognitive and neuroscience and are proven to work in a lasting way. Learn more here:


Book a free 15 minute consultation call her to see how she can help you actually process your emotions and shift thought patterns that keep you stuck so you can live with less emotional and physical pain and more ease, joy and well-being. Email her today:

Gail Culligan

Remote Administration

Gail has been the front desk friendly face of Pura Vida Family Health Centre. Now she currently continues to support our practitioners and clients from the East coast. Gail brings her East coast charm to all that she does and makes everyone feel organized, and part of the Pura Vida family. 

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